This 6 week course will give you a broad introduction to Lightroom CC Classic (version 7.3.1). Note: if you are running an earlier version you will still benefit from the course but when you see this version you will  want to upgrade.

Course Details

    2018 Dates     10th May to 21st June (May 31st is half term) 
                            6th Sept to 18th Oct
    Location          Skinners Kent Academy, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4PY  -  Plenty of Parking
    Time                19:00 - 21:00
    Cost                 £200

You will need to bring a laptop, with a version of Lightroom on it, a mouse, memory stick, pen and paper for taking notes. You will be expected to have some basic laptop knowledge.

This course will cover
   Importing your photos
   The benefits of key wording
   Basic Development of photos - Correcting White Balance, adjusting Exposure/Contrast/Clarity and Saturation
   Exporting your photos
   Printing you photos
   Creating Slideshows and Books
   Advanced Development of photos - Adjustment Brushes, Gradient and Radial Filters
   Presets and Profiles and their differences
   Getting your images into and out of Photoshop
   Creating Presets and Profiles
   Speeding up your workflow
   Lightroom Mobile
Original  RAW file (Sony A77ii - 16-55mm F2.8) and 2 versions edited completely in Lightroom.
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