Platinum/Palladium Alternative Photography Printing - £250
This one day workshop is aimed at photographers/print makers who would like to learn how to print in what is considered by many to be the most archival and aesthetically pleasing of black&white printing. The greats of photography from Edward Weston to Irving Penn to modern masters such as Nick Brandt have used platinum printing for some of their most revered images and many photographers estates now offer platinum estate prints.
Platinum/Palladium prints are made by hand coating fine art papers with a platinum/palladium and ferric oxalate solution. As this is a contact printing process your image is only as big as your negative. Once the paper is dry you place the negative on top of the coated paper and expose it to UV light. As sunshine is never guaranteed here in the UK we use a UV lightbox to expose the print which is then developed/cleared and washed before allowing to dry.
You will learn how to calibrate your work flow so that you can produce consistent results, creating enlarged digital negatives from your DSLR raw files or scans of existing film negatives. Those photographers using large format or film cameras will have to bring scans of  their own negatives to print from as there isn't enough time in a one day workshop to scan and retouch negatives.
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